3D visualisations, animations & interactive product presentations Made in Berlin

The wonderful world of digital twins is our home.

We have been creating and staging digital twins of products for over 20 years, making them versatile for numerous marketing applications of our customers. We would also be happy to show your products with all the advantages and functions in all the environments you want.

Our team of experts, consisting of technically savvy 3D specialists, motion, product and interior designers, brings every product and every idea the shine it deserves with a lot of empathy and attention to detail.

Our squirrel Luise can attest to this. Our customers too!

We are happy to offer you the following: photorealistic product images, product animations, interactive 360-degree views, interactive WebGL presentations, key visuals, explanatory films, image films, script and storyboard development, planning and production of virtual locations, 3D construction, post-production, sound (speakers, sound), virtual actors - ready for use at any time!

Maria Pach

3D-Visuals / Animation

Creator of 3D masterpieces and our cheeky little house-squirrel – Luise.

Kyra Porada

Fine Art / Exhibition Designer / Postproduction

Eagle-eyed expert for graphics, interface design and post production. Responsibility for Luise's daily exercise regime.

Lars Gerstenmaier

Visual Designer / 3D-Artist

3D specialist and chief executive officer. Always open to hearing about new projects. Legal guardian to Luise – Responsibility for Luise's civic education.

Anja Oenning

Dipl. Designer / Interior- and Productdesign / 3D-Artist

Management and the genius in charge of beautiful interiors of all kinds. Responsibility for Luise's social development.

Heike Wolter

Dipl. Designer / Interior- and furniture design

With a lot of love and a critical eye, Heike designs spaces, both virtual and real – for squirrels too!

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Let your ideas and products inspire us. And we'll pay you back with our energy, sincerity and personalised support.

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