MENNEKES Product renderings

  • Product images & 360-degree views
  • Product animation
  • Key visuals

Mennekes commissioned us to produce product images for all of their current product ranges. We have already finished superb individual images and 360-degree views for 1600 products. They can be seen on Mennekes' website:

Outstanding product images are more important than ever in today's visually biased (online) world. Ideally, the production of computer generated images requires existing CAD data. To emerge from this process with first-class images, you need a lot of experience, technical know-how and eye for detail.

Mennekes Edelstahl Kasten
Mennekes Stecker
Mennekes AMAXX in Gelb
Mennekes Schuko
Mennekes Mobiler Verteiler
Mennekes 3KRAFT

Using CAD data from standard programs such as Catia, Creo, Solid Works, NX.

First off, we work out and agree on a system for transferring design data from the client. This data is usually created in multiple CAD programs and often according to divergent criteria. The more products involved, the more thorough the planning process needs to be. We then convert and clean the data before we save it as a polygonised model.

Mennekes Airkraft nachher Mennekes Airkraft vorher

Material analysis and digital replication using special programs.

Parallel to this we analyse the material in question using product samples and information and then create shaders in our 3D software. We then call up our specialised programs to create the material and its characteristics such as shine, surface structure and texture reflection.

The allocation of the defined shader and the placement of the digital products in our virtual photo studio happen automatically with a self-programmed routine.

Professional lighting setup, like a real photo studio.

To set up the lighting we need to draw on photography experience. Here too, we use special software to set up and arrange the lighting like in a real studio.

Mennekes Airkraft

Results as individual images, 360-degree views or real-time models.

Powerful computers in our rendering farm compute the high-resolution image as well as a 360-degree view and then save both in a 32-bit file. This format has a broad dynamic range and allows for non-destructive image editing in post-production. As a final step, the images are saved according to their different uses and are then made available to the client from our cloud server.

Project management and communication using online tools.

Our clients can follow the project phases online and leave comments on the preview images.

Mennekes Powertop Xtra Stecker in Blau

The digital product data is used for product animation, key visuals, training videos.

Digital product data is a fantastic resource: Visual and interactive elements can be generated to communicate a product. Using existing digital product data, we were able to provide a number of product animations and key visuals to Mennekes for advertising purposes.

Stecker Powertop liegt auf Baustelle

“The superb product images and 360° views created by Sequenz, allowed us to take a huge step forward in terms of our product presentation. We're now in a prime position to market our products using e-commerce applications.”

Melanie Dömer, Media Creation