Mennekes X-CONTACT Film X-Ray Steckerverbindung


  • Script and storyboard
  • Development of x-ray views
  • Modeling and animation of virtual hands and arms
  • Post-production and music composition

How can we present an invisible product innovation?
We had to answer this question when MENNEKES commissioned us to present their new X-CONTACT contact sleeves for their plug connectors. MENNEKES was quickly convinced of our idea to show the sleeves as heroes in the film, where they fly into the picture at the start as bullet casings before the connection is made to the instantly familiar product (plug and connector).

Mennekes X-CONTACT Detail
Mennekes X-CONTACT Detail
Mennekes X-CONTACT Detail mit Schmutz

Solid product and technical understanding a must.

As part of our intensive planning phase, the product managers from MENNEKES explained the different aspects of their new product: We discussed their specific needs and analysis as well as the complex development and realisation process, we also learnt about the benefits of the new innovation. Only through a comprehensive understanding of the technology and the product can we develop an apt visual realisation.

Mennekes X-CONTACT Film X-Ray Stecker im Matsch vorher

Only inner beauty counts (and the fascinating images that show it).

The innovative contact sleeves are hidden from the users, yet they offer certain benefits. To display the new technology we developed a special x-ray perspective. This opened up a direct view of the contact sleeves in an alluring manner. The x-ray view quickly became a key visual for the X-CONTACT technology and it is now a successful eye-catcher — and not just at trade fairs.

Mennekes X-CONTACT Film X-Ray Steckerverbindung Mennekes X-CONTACT Film Steckerverbindung

Complex scenes set in a virtual setting enable maximum flexibility.

The initial idea was to show the plug being disconnected in real conditions on a building site. But we couldn't use real film as the product itself still wasn't available. We recreated the scene realistically and convincingly using 3D which allowed us to add the final product version when it was ready.

Product materiality and complexity are preserved in the virtual sphere.

The production of new contact sleeves was a technical masterclass from MENNEKES, one which presupposes a lot of know-how. Our 3D virtual twins perfectly mirror these same first-class qualities. For example, products made from complex materials display traces of processing. There is also the wonderful reflection of light off its metal surfaces to consider. By recreating aspects like this, we have imbued these products with values that are strikingly impressive to viewers.

“Sequenz created a fascinating X-ray effect for our ground-breaking product innovation, the X-CONTACT contact sleeves. This sensational design left a lasting impression on us. The resulting key visual impresses our customers by its unique visualization.”

Sandra Würde, Marketing-Manager Industrial plugs and sockets